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The goal of the Minnetonka Nutrition Services is to provide attractive and nutritious meals at an affordable price.  In the 2014-15 school year, our staff served more than 916,810 meals.

Core Philosophy of Minnetonka Public Schools Nutrition Services

• We will provide a highly beneficial contribution to our children's education
• We will teach healthy choices for life
• We offer a wide variety of healthy choices that teach kids how to develop healthy, lifetime eating habits


 2015-2016 Lunch Prices

​Elementary ​$2.70
​Middle School ​$2.85
​High School ​$3.05
​Adults & Second Lunches ​$3.75
​Milk ​$0.50
​Bottled Water ​$0.50
​Second Entree ​$1.65


Please note that second lunches and adult meals are priced higher because the District does not receive any federal or state reimbursement for those meals, as we do for student meals. The prices charged for non-student meals and second meals covers the cost of the entire meal. Federal funds subsidize the cost of the student meals, lowering the cost for families.

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