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The Endowment Fund supports educational initiatives that require ongoing funding or larger sums that cannot be supported by the annual Teacher Grant Program.

A stable, permanent source of income, the Endowment Fund allows the Foundation to support long-term, district-wide needs and visionary programming.  It is managed by a professional investment firm in accordance with strict investment principles identified in the Foundation’s by-laws.  A financial committee meets regularly to monitor the investment portfolio.

Our Endowment fund supports district-wide global learning programs​ to provide Minnetonka students with opportunities to engage in a wide array of globally-focused activities, programs and initiatives every year. We aim to help students develop intercultural and global competencies that will allow them to succeed in our diverse and rapidly-changing world.



​In 2007, The Foundation launched the first project funded by the Endowment, the Writing Center at Minnetonka High School.  The Writing Center supports all Minnetonka High School students and staff through 1:1 writing conferences, workshops, and outreach. One full-time writing teacher and 22 well-trained student writing coaches serve writers in grades 9-12 and work on cross-age projects with middle and elementary students.  Check out the Writing Center website here.​


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