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The Endowment supports educational initiatives that require ongoing funding or larger sums that cannot be supported by the annual Teacher Grant Program.  A stable, permanent source of income will allow The Foundation to support long-term, district-wide needs and visionary programming.  The Endowment is managed by a professional investment firm in accordance with strict investment principles identified in The Foundation’s By-Laws.  A financial committee meets regularly to monitor the investment portfolio.


Introducing our second Endowment project, Global Concourse - a ground-breaking program developed in partnership with District Administration which aims to provide all Minnetonka students with opportunities to engage in globally-focused experiences, activities, and programs throughout their years in Minnetonka, ECE through grade 12.  The program’s tagline – Expanding Perspectives – sums it up perfectly; our goal is to broaden students’ understanding of the world and help them to develop intercultural and global competencies, enabling them to succeed in a diverse and rapidly changing world. 



In 2007, The Foundation launched the first project funded by the Endowment, the Writing Center at Minnetonka High School.  The vision for the writing center is to provide all Minnetonka students with a resource dedicated to writing, enabling personalized opportunities to develop a level of writing proficiency.  Two part-time writing specialists serves writers of all abilities in grades 9-12.  Check out the Writing Center website here.

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