Strategic Plan

 Strategic Plan


Minnetonka's Strategic Plan is aligns our school district planning with community beliefs and expectations. Using the Cambrian Model for Strategic Planning, a collaborative team representing a cross section identified key strategies to ensure our district was positioned to achieve our Mission and Objectives. Those strategies include, but are not limited to, designing a curriculum with choice and flexibility, building a culture of supporting relationships, securing adequate resources, enhancing facilities, ensuring stakeholder connectedness, inspiring students to serve the greater good, and preparing students to thrive in a diverse and changing world. To accomplish our bold Vision and Mission, Minnetonka is now focused on innovation to meet the changing needs of learners, the increasing demands of society, and financial realities of today.

Minnetonka Innovates, our primary strategic focus, engages staff and community members in redesigning our future educational system. It includes a focus on:

of all stakeholders meets regularly to monitor and update the Strategic Plan. Since its original adoption in 2003, Minnetonka's Strategic Plan has fully implemented nine strategies; nine newer strategies remain active priorities.  Each year the District prioritizes specific Action Plans for implementation.

Our Mission a statement of our highest aspirations

The mission of the Minnetonka School District, a community that transcends traditional definitions of excellence and where dreams set sail, is to ensure all students envision and pursue their highest aspirations while serving the greater good, through learning and teaching which:

  • Value and nurture each individual,
  • Inspire in everyone a passion to excel with confidence and hope, and
  • Instill expectations that stimulate extraordinary achievement in the classroom and in life.

Our Objectives An expression of the desired measurable, observable, or demonstrable results for the organization. For a school district, objectives are restricted to student success, performance, and/or achievement.

  • All students will meet or exceed district academic standards.
  • All students will achieve according to their individual potential.
  • All students will continually achieve their stated aspirations.
  • All students will possess an enlightened view of themselves, others and the world.

Our Beliefs   a statement of our organization’s fundamental convictions, its values

We believe that:

  • Each person has fundamental, intrinsic worth
  • The dignity of each person is sacred
  • All people need to love and be loved
  • All people have a right to live and work in a safe environment
  • The uniqueness of each individual enriches the community
  • All people have the right to express matters of conscience
  • Effective communication is essential to building relationships and strengthening mutual commitment to purpose 
  • Integrity is essential to a meaningful relationship
  • An educated populace is integral to a democratic society
  • Families have the primary responsibility to ensure the education
    of their children
  • All adults are responsible for the care and welfare of all children
  • All people deserve the opportunity to pursue their individual potential
  • A person’s attitude is the most significant determinant of success
  • Personal fulfillment comes from pursuing one’s passions

Parameters   Strict pronouncements that establish the boundaries and limits within which the organization will accomplish its mission.

  • We will not engage in any activity that detracts from our elementary and secondary instructional program.
  • We will not compromise excellence
  • We will make all decisions based solely on the best interest of the student.
  • We will expect the best of everyone.
  • We will make optimal use of technology throughout the district—instructional and operational.
  • We will defend and preserve the principle of local autonomy.
  • We will honor the dignity of each person.


  • Strategy 1: We will create a culture of supporting relationships that are conducive to personal and academic achievement (Operational 2008)
  • Strategy 2: We will design and implement a framework of curricula which allows for choice and flexibility and enables the progressive development of each student (Operational 2008)
  • Strategy 3: We will ensure that each student successfully develops and pursues an ongoing personal education plan (replaced by Strategy 14)
  • Strategy 4: We will develop the organizational capacity to ensure that all students have the opportunity to achieve their aspirations (Continuing Progress)
  • Strategy 5: We will secure sufficient resources to achieve our mission and objectives (Operational 2008)
  • Strategy 6: We will effectively communicate to increase awareness, understanding, interest and support for students staff programs and goals of the Minnetonka Public School Districts. (Replaced with Strategy 17)
  • Strategy 7: We will implement the District’s Accountability Plan (Operational 2008)
  • Strategy 8: We will provide necessary resources and support for students, teachers, staff and administration to meet district technology goals, district technology proficiency standards, and state and nationally recognized assessment measures. (Operational 2008)
  • Strategy 9: We will increase academic achievement by providing technology to support parental engagement and community connections. (Operational 2008)
  • Strategy 10: We will provide technology for the instructional needs that support educational benchmarks by providing consistency for equity, support, and financial and educational accountability to integrate information literacy throughout the E-12 curriculum. (Operational 2008)
  • Strategy 11: We will ensure facilities that support optimal learning environments (Operational 2008)
  • Strategy 12: We will use a wide array of data to enable us to maximize student growth and development. (Operational 2010)
  • Strategy 13: We will create a culture that prepares students to thrive in a diverse and changing world. (Operational 2012)
  • Strategy 14:  We will meet individual needs and aspirations of learners, not limited by existing boundaries such as time, space or social structures. (Continuing Progress)
  • Strategy 15: We will ensure learners possess the attributes and abilities to thrive in the 21st century. (Continuing Progress)
  • Strategy 16: We will inspire students to understand and serve the greater good. (Continuing Progress)
  • Strategy 17: We will ensure connectedness that facilitates mutual awareness, understanding and support among all stakeholders. (Continuing Progress)
  • Strategy 18:  We will support ongoing physical, mental and emotional health and well-being of students and staff. (Continuing Progress)
  • Minnetonka Innovates: We will focus on building a culture of innovation.  (Continuing Progress)
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