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Clean out your closets and's time to

turn your trash into treasure!


Saturday, April 26 10am - 1pm

Minnetonka High School Parking Lot


Student groups from across the District have partnered with 15 charitable organizations to collect items "drive-thru style" that will be reused or recycled.

You'll be able to stay in your car as you circle through the parking lot near the main entrance at Minnetonka High School.  Student volunteers will direct you where to go and give you a receipt for your donation.

Accepted items include: (View Details)

• Legos/Stuffed Animals
• Used Eyeglasses
• Repairable Bikes
• Usable Bike Locks
• Washcloths and Towels
• Prom Dresses and Accessories
• Winter Wear and Coats
• Children's Books
• Ink Cartridges (household)
• Art Supplies


• Plastic Bins with Lids
• Office Supplies
• Unused Disposable Diapers
• Video Game Cartridges
• Pop Can Pull Tabs
• Unpopend Toiletries
• Board/Card Games
• Baby/Toddler Clothing
• Small Appliances
• Cell Phone/Laptiops


• Children's DVDs
• Polar Fleece
• Yarn
• Silverware
• Bedding
• Shoes
• Tonka Wear
• Furniture (map)
• Backpacks
• Suitcases
• Duffel Bags

man spring cleaning.jpgSome charities will earn cash for donated items like ink cartridges and personal electronics.  Others will receive much needed items to be given directly to clients in need.

Service Learning Project for Students

Students began researching the needs of local charities last year and have worked with them to coordinate the collection and drop-off.  Ultimately, the students are responsible for getting their items to the charity in the best condition suited for that organization.  The process has taught students organization and leadership skills. 

Keeping it out of the Landfill

Unneeded, yet usable items are often placed in the trash because of convenience or habit, ending up in a landfill. Many times we are unaware of who can make use of these items after they have been used in our home.  By providing a venue to donate these useful items, it allows us an opportunity to give to others items we no longer use, with no disposal cost.  This is a great way to show students how one person's junk can be turned into another's treasure.

Please contact Heidi Kluzak with any questions.

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