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In Minnetonka Schools, we know that each child is as unique as each parent's hopes and dreams. That is why we offer Kindergarten options for families. Families may choose to enroll in our English, Chinese or Spanish Immersion Kindergarten, as well as our Ready Start K program (especially designed for 5-year olds with summer birthdays). Beginning in 2014, Minnetonka will offer free All-Day Kindergarten for every child.  Families who desire a half-day program should meet with the school principal to discuss Part-Day Kindergarten options.

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Register for Kindergarten 
Kindergarten registration begins in January each year for the following fall. Please contact the school office, call our enrollment office (952-401-5000) or complete our online form to begin the registration process.
Spring Activities
Most of our schools host a kindergarten welcome event in May. Watch your email for additional communication. Not sure if you are on our mail/email list? Please complete our online form.




 Kindergarten Program


Regardless of the option chosen, parents can rest assured that their kindergarten child will be well-prepared to succeed in first grade and in life.  Each of our kindergarten teachers have a genuine love for children and love for kindergarten.

They inspire in children a passion to wonder, discover, create and excel. Using the best of childhood development and brain research, they ignite a love of learning that burns brightly for Minnetonka students through graduation and beyond.

All-Day Kindergarten
New in 2014, Minnetonka has enhanced our kindergarten curriculum to offer a free, All-Day Kindergarten program for all students.  Kindergarten students should be five years old by September 1.

All students will have the opportunity to attend All-Day Kindergarten, with an enhanced kindergarten curriculum, as part of Minnesota's free public education system. Minnetonka will continue to offer families the option of English, Spanish or Chinese Immersion beginning in kindergarten.
Part-Day Kindergarten
We understand some families prefer less than an All-Day schedule, and we are eager to work with those families to meet the needs of their child.  A Part-Day enrollment option is available.
The school day will start in the morning, but parents will have the option to pick-up their child in the early or mid afternoon. Transportation will be available for the morning start and the afternoon end of the day, but mid-day buses will not be provided.
Parents may choose to have students in Part-Day Kindergarten spend more time with their class as the year goes on.  Students will miss important components of the curriculum in Part-Day Kindergarten and should meet with the principal and teacher to establish an early dismissal time.
Ready-Start Kindergarten
Ready-Start Kindergarten will become an All-Day program beginning in 2014, with a Part-Day option as described above for regular Kindergarten as well.  The All-Day curriculum is being developed and will be ready for sharing with parents by spring.
Ready-Start Kindergarten enrollment will be open to resident students and the siblings of currently open-enrolled students.
This program designed for a small number of children with summer birthdays who may not be ready, socially or academically, for a traditional Kindergarten program. The Ready-Start Kindergarten option is tailored to younger attention spans, and class size is limited. Choice time and hands-on activities provide students more opportunities to strengthen social and emotional skills. A language-rich environment builds early literacy and academic skills through stories, math manipulatives, puppets and themes, such as letter of the week. Parent involvement is a strength of the program.

Transportation is provided for District children to Ready-Start Kindergarten, which is currently offered at Clear Springs and Minnewashta. Ready-Start Kindergarten was developed for families struggling over the decision to start Kindergarten or wait another year. For more information about Ready Start Kindergarten, contact your school principal.

Language Immersion Kindergarten
The Minnetonka Language Immersion Program is a school-within-a-school immersion program offered at each of the District’s six elementary schools. The program begins in kindergarten and families have a choice between Spanish and Chinese Immersion. Learn more about the Immersion Program.  Families who enroll their children in kindergarten are asked to make a six-year commitment to the Immersion program.

Entrance into the Immersion program is available only at the kindergarten level. Students who wish to enroll in any other grade must demonstrate language proficiency appropriate for that grade level.

Our Principals are Here to Help
Curt Carpenter  
 Cindy Andress
Minnewashta Elementary
Spanish Immersion
Curt Carpenter
Clear Springs Elementary
Spanish Immersion
Stacy DeCorsey
Excelsior Elementary
Chinese Immersion
 Bryan McGinley    Joe Wacker
Bryan McGinley
Deephaven Elementary
Spanish Immersion
Dave Parker
Groveland Elementary
Spanish Immersion
Joe Wacker
Scenic Heights Elementary
Chinese Immersion


Kindergarten Enrollment
More than 95 percent of children who reside in the Minnetonka School District choose to enroll in Minnetonka's kindergarten program.

As one of the state's most sought after school districts of choice, Minnetonka also welcomes open enrollment students from more than 35 school districts in Minnesota. Families interested in open enrollment are encouraged to sign-up for open enrollment as early as possible (up to one year before their child will enter kindergarten).
Our student enrollment staff is available to assist. Monica (952-401-5009) works with family last names A-L and Lori (952-401-5012) works with family last names M-Z.


Explorers Club Before and After Child Care

Minnetonka Community Education Services Explorer's Club provide on site child care at each elementary school from 6:30 am - 6:00 pm. More information about enrollment options, fee schedules, and other information is available on the Explorers webpage.

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