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Mission Statement
While the benefits of the "International Studies and Exchange" program are many and varied, our core Mission is to provide an opportunity for students to gain an international perspective, and establish cross-cultural, interpersonal skills which will insure their success in the global environment of the 21st century.

What is International Studies?
International Studies is an independent study course where each student establishes a relationship with one student in either China, Germany, India, Norway, Russia, Serbia, South Africa, Spain or the Netherlands and then completes eight specific assignments with their correspondent throughout the year. These assignments require comparison of cultures, school systems, economies, challenges facing their nations and personal family history. Students communicate with their international partner about one to three times a week using skype, email and facebook, attend monthly classes, and meet with their teacher twice a month.  In some cases, students from both countries travel to their correspondent’s nation to attend school, work on service projects and immerse themselves in the culture of their correspondent’s country. Students who have success in the program receive a semester credit which is graded and placed on their school transcript.  This credit will be above and beyond what is required for graduation.

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International Studies Overseas Travel (ISOT) Scholarship Application

For information on the International Studies Program at Minnetonka High School, please contact
Tim Laughinghouse at 651-231-6154.

2016-2017 International Studies Registration
International Studies is changing its registration process this year. In the past, students completed two steps (registration and application). This year, students will register for their first choice (they will be required to “apply” separately).
Later, students will receive a confirmation of registration, including information regarding whether they were able to be placed in their first choice. If not, International Studies will contact students and ask them to select a second choice.

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A full description of each course is available in the Skipper Log Course Catalog.
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